김필호 *무순위
The Mountain Goats [Tallahasse] Man [Main Gauche] Dan The Automator [Wanna Buy A Monkey?] Uncle Tupelo [89/93 Anthology] Mono (Japan) [One Step More And You Die] Horace Andy [Feel Good All Over] Do Make Say Think [& Yet & Yet] Plus Slash Minus [Self-Titled Long Playing Debut Album] Kronos Quartet [Nuevo!] John Zorn [Filmworks Vol. 13: Invitation To A Suicide]

김태서 *무순위
The Vines [Highly Evolved] Beck [Sea Change] Doves [The Last Broadcast] Music [The Music] 언니네 이발관 [꿈의 팝송] 장필순 [Soony 6] Pearl Jam [Riot Act] Queens Of The Stone Age [Songs For The Deaf] Richard Ashcroft [Human Condition] Flaming Lips [Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot]

Tom Waits [Alice] & [Blood Money] Wilco [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot] N.E.R.D [In Search Of..] Aimee Mann [Lost In Space] My Morning Jacket [At Dawn] Elvis Costello [When I Was Cruel] Hedwig & The Angry Inch [Hedwig & The Angry Inch OST] Remy Shand [The Way I Feel] 장필순 [Soony 6] 김두수 [자유혼]

[나머지 후보 5]
Dirty Dozen Brass Band [Medixated Magic] India Arie [Voyage To India] Flaming Lips [Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot] Cassandra Wilson [Belly Of The Sun] 정태춘,박은옥 [다시, 첫차를 기다리며]

– 순위는 개인적 평가와 관계없이 자주 듣게되는 주기로 산정한 것임을 밝혀둡니다.
1. 장필순 [Soony 6] 2. Jim O’Rourke [Insignificance] 3. Do Make Say Think [& Yet & Yet] 4. RJD2 [Dead Ringer] 5. Wilco [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot] 6. Interpol [Turn On The Bright Lights] 7. 언니네이발관 [꿈의 팝송] 8. The Hives [Your New Favourite Band] 9. Bright Eyes [Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground] 10. Boards of Canada [Geogaddi]

[2002년 가장 많이 들었던 음반 베스트10(ABC, 가나다 순)]
Clinic [Walking With Thee] Ee [For 100 …] My Morning Jacket [At Dawn] Sonic Youth [Murray Street] Tom Waits [Alice] & [Blood Money] DJ Shadow [The Private Press] 철가방 프로젝트 [철가방 프로젝트 1집] 김두수 [자유혼] 장필순 [Soony 6] OST(Jo Hisaishi), [Sen to Chihiro No Kamikakushi] (-> 이건 딸내미 때문에…-_-)

[번외 1: 2001~2년 발표된 비영미권 앨범들 중에서]
Femi Kuti [Fight to Win] (Nigeria)
Erik Arnaud [Comment Je Vis] (France)
Coco Mbassi [Sepia] (Cameroon)
Vocal Sampling [Cambio de Tiempo] (Cuba)
Issa Bagayogo [Timbuku] (Mali)
Kostas Pavilidis [The Wandering] (Greece)
Zemfira [Chetyriadtsat’ Nedel’ Tishiny] (Russia)
Souad Massi [Raoui](Algerie)
Bossacaucanova & Roberto Menescal [Brazilidade] (Brazil)
Giardini di Miro [Rise And Fall Of Academic Drifting] (Italy)

[번외 2: 2000년 이전에 발매되었지만 2002년에 이렇게 저렇게 소개되어 들은 음악들]
Moreno Veloso [Music Typewriter] (Brazil)
Marina Rossell [Y Rodara el Mundo] (Spain/Catalunya)
Lluis Llach [Geografia] Ali Hassan Kuban [The Rough uide to Ali Hassan Kuban] (Egypt)
Krishna Das [One Track Heart] (US/India)
Joanne Shenandoah [Peacemaker’s Journey] (Native American)
Jarabe de Palo [Depende] (Spain)
Pato Fu [Televisao de Cachorro] (Brazil)
A Short Apnea [A Short Apnea] (Italy)

[번외 3: 영원한 지존들]
Caetano Veloso [Noites do Norte] (Brazil)
Akvarium [Sestra Khaos] (Russia)
Charly Garcia [Influencia] (Argentina)
한대수 [고민(Souce of Trouble)] (Korea)

[앨범 베스트10, the First Choices(in alphabetical order)]
1. Blackalicious [Blazing Arrow] 2. Solomon Burke [Don’t Give Up On Me] 3. Cody Chesnutt [The Headphone Masterpiece] 4. El-P [Fantastic Damage] 5. Jurassic 5 [Power In Numbers] 6. N*E*R*D [In Search Of…] 7. RJD2 [Deadringer] 8. The Roots [Phrenology] 9. DJ Shadow [The Private Press] 10. The Streets [Original Pirate Material]

[앨범 베스트10, the Second Choices(in alphabetical order)]
1. Antipop Consortium [Arrhythmia] 2. Atmosphere [God Loves Ugly] 3. Busdriver [Temporary Forever] 4. Cee-Lo [Cee-Lo and The Perfect Imperfections] 5. Dalek [From Filthy Tongue Of Gods And Griots] 6. Missy “Misdemeanour” Elliott [Under Construction] 7. J-Live [All Of The Above] 8. Maktub [Khronus] 9. Musiq (Soulchild) [Juslisen] 10. Talib Qweli [Quality]

[믹스, 재발매, 컴필레이션, 부틀렉 앨범 베스트 10 (in alphabetical order)]
1. Coldcut [Journeys By DJ Special Reissue] 2. Madlib [Blunted In The Bomb Shelter Mix] 3. Mos Def [We Are Hip Hop] 4. Prefuse 73 [The ’92 vs ”02 Collection] 5. DJ/Rupture [Minesweeper Suite] 6. DJ Shadow [Live From Austin] 7. DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, Steinski etc [The Ultimate Lessons] 8. DJ Spinna [Strange Games And Things] 9. Various Artists [One Big Trip] 10. Various Artists [Urban Renewal Program]

[2002 라이브 베스트 10 (in chronological order)]
1. Mos Def – 1월 22일, Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY
2. Antibalas – 2월 22일, Justice League, San Francisco, CA
3. Prince – 4월 24일, Paramount Theatre, Oakland, CA
4. Elvis Costello – 5월 22일, Berkeley Community Theatre, Berkeley, CA
5. DJ Shadow – 6월 11일, The Fillmore, San Francisco, CA
6. Cody Chesnutt – 7월 11일, S.O.B., New York, NY
7. The Roots, Jurassic 5, Cody Chesnutt and Truth Hurts (Smoking Grooves Tour) – 7월 19일, Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA
8. Interpol – 9월 17일, Bottom Of The Hill, San Francisco, CA
9. Bob Dylan – 10월 11일, Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
10. Caetano Veloso – 10월 27일, The Spreckles Theatre, San Diego, CA

오공훈 *무순위
Clinic [Walking With Thee] The Vines [Highly Evolved] McLusky [McLusky Do Dallas] Interpol [Turn On The Bright Lights] 신중현 & 더 멘 [거짓말이야 / 아름다운 강산] V.A. [안녕하세요 카바레사운드입니다] 김두수 [자유혼] 스웨터 [Staccato Green]

이기웅 *무순위
김두수 [자유혼] Clinic [Walking With Thee] The Coral [The Coral] McLusky [McLusky Do Dallas] Xinlisupreme [Tomorrow Never Comes] The Hives [Your New Favourite Band] Yeah Yeah Yeahs [Yeah Yeah Yeahs] Langley Schools Music Project [Innocence & Despair] Joanna MacGregor [Play] Lone Pigeon [Concubine Rice]

이정엽(이볼) *무순위
3호선 버터플라이
강산에 [강영걸] 레이지본 [Lazy Diary] 롤러코스터 [Absolute] Aimee Mann [Lost in Space] DJ Shadow [Private Press] Elvis Costello [When I Was Cruel] Flaming Lips [Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots] India. Arie [Voyage to India] Sheryl Crow [C’Mon, C’Mon]

이정남 *무순위
Cassius [Au Reve] Clinic [Walking With Thee] The Hives [Your New Favourite Band] Telepopmusik [Genetic World] DJ Shadow [Private Press] Missy Elliot [Under Construction] Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man [Out Of Season] 언니네 이발관 [꿈의 팝송] 김정미 [Now]

Wilco [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot] Tom Waits [Alice] Clinic [Walking With Thee] Walkmen [Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone] Hives [Your New Favourite Band] Flaming Lips [Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots] McLusky [McLusky Do Dallas] And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [Source Tags & Codes] 장필순 [Soony 6] 별(Byul) [너와 나의 20세기]

Tom Waits [Alice] & [Blood Money] Breeders [Title TK] Clinic [Walking With Thee] Coldplay [A Rush of Blood to the Head] (도브스 앨범을 더 좋아했지만 업그레이드한 점을 높이 샀습니다.)
The Coral [The Coral] Electric Soft Parade [Holes in the Wall] N.E.R.D. [In Search Of..] Radio 4 [Gotham] Sonic Youth [Murray Street] Wilco [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot]

차우진 *무순위
Flaming Lips [Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robot] Doves [The Last Broadcast] Wilco [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot] 강산에 [강영걸] 원더버드 [Cold Moon] 언니네 이발관 [꿈의 팝송] 장필순 [Soony 6] 김두수 [자유혼] 루시드 폴 [버스 정류장 OST] 롤러코스터 [Absolute]

1. Wilco [Yankee Hotel Foxtrot] 2. DJ Shadow [The Private Press] 3. McLusky [McLusky Do Dallas] 4. Blackalicious [Blazing Arrow] 5. 장필순 [Soony 6] 6. Queens Of The Stone Age [Songs For The Deaf] 7. Tom Waits [Alice] & [Blood Money] 8. 김두수 [자유혼] 9. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead [Source Tag & Codes] 10. Flaming Lips [Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots]

Sonic Youth [Murray Street] Doves [The Last Broadcast] Czars [The Beatiful People vs. The Ugly People] Radar Bros. [And the Surrounding Mountains] Eminem [The Eminem Show] Korn [Untouchables] RJD2 [Deadringer] Elvis Costello [When I Was Cruel] 불독 맨션 [Funk] 롤러코스터 [Absolute] 삼호선 버터플라이 [Oh! Silence]

1. 김두수 [자유혼] 2. Tom Waits [Blood Money] & [Alice] (이하 무순위)
Sigur Ros [( )] 김정미 [Now] Hives [Your New Favorite Band] DJ Shadow [Private Press] 정태춘, 박은옥 [다시, 첫 차를 기다리며] Hedwig & The Angry Inch [Hedwig & The Angry Inch] OST
George Klimek [One Hour Photo](국내 출시명: 스토커) OST

관련 글
[weiv]가 뽑은 2002년의 앨범 베스트
weiver’s choice :[weiv] 독자들이 뽑은 2002년의 앨범 베스트 33